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01/19/10 Joshua Lee Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

A new civil rights group for Muslims sponsored a showing of the new film “Inside Islam: What a billion Muslims really think.” The film was at USF in Tampa last Saturday night, and was designed to challenge the notion that Islam and the West are on a collision course.

Muslims in 40 countries participated in a Gallup public opinion poll that showed what Muslims think about the most controversial issues surrounding their religion. Last Saturday hundreds of people attended the film at USF, which was sponsored by a new Muslim group called United Voices. The film sought to answer questions that Americans have had for the Islamic community concerning terrorism, women’s rights, and 9/11. Alex Kronemer is the executive producer for Unity Production Foundation, who made the film.

Egyptian born Dalia Mogahed is the chair for the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. President Barack Obama selected Mogahed as an advisor to the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She is a Muslim, and narrated the film.

With the events of September 11th and Fort Hood fresh in the minds of Americans, many still feel fear and hostility towards Islam. But according to Kroenmer, the poll showed that only 7% of Muslims thought 9/11 was justified for political reasons, and none of that group had religious justifications for their attitude.

Muslim travelers wearing traditional head coverings, or hijab, are now being automatically selected for additional security screenings and pat downs. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, sent a letter to President Barack Obama concerning the issue, since Obama declared in 2009 that “the US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam”. Kroenmer says that Muslims don’t dislike American culture, just its foreign policy.

There are more than 130 million Muslims in India. Suhila Cherian grew up among them.

The film drew about a dozen protesters from ACT! For America Now, a group that opposes radical Islam. They held a sign with quotes from the Koran like verse 8:39, which read “Fight them until all opposition ends, and all submit to Allah.” Mogahed came under harsh criticism from Jacksonville chapter leader Randy McDaniels, who is concerned with the rise of so-called islamofascism.

McDaniels and his camera crew aggressively questioned Muslim groups in the lobby.
Mogahed made the documentary alongside John Esposito, a professor of Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, whom McDaniels also denounced.

Ramzy Killic from CAIR was also at the film screening, and dismissed ACT for misrepresenting the facts.

Some who saw the film complained that it didn’t include enough Muslim voices, and others were hoping to hear more about Sharia law. Z.J Hafeez is running as a Democrat for the State house of representatives in District 67. If elected, he would be the first Muslim elected to the Florida State Congress. Hafeez said the film debunked many myths about Islam.

The filmmakers, Unity Productions Foundation, started 20,000 Dialogues. It’s a nationwide initiative that uses discussions about films to promote pluralism, dialogue, and civic engagement. It seeks to build greater understanding of Muslims through films and conversation. To learn more, go to 20,000 Dialogues and United Voices.

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Islam Attacks the Infidel at USF

The 88.5 reporter was standing not more than 15 feet from us as we were being physically intimidated and cussed at by the extremist Nation of Islam members present. Law enforcement on duty had to intervene for our safety to cool down the Nation of Islam followers of the Religion of Peace. No mention of these events in the story. There was no mention of Z.J. Hafeez loudly calling some of his potential constituents "racists" in an emotional and uncontrolled frenzy. No mention of Ahmed Bedier running away from us and not sharing or denying his relationship with the unindicted co-conspirator group CAIR. These experiences witnessed first hand is how followers of Political Islam react to its detractors and skeptics. There was no reasoned debate or exchange of ideas - only verbal abuse and threats of violence. Agenda driven liberal news reporting is neither news or honest reporting. Alan K. ACT! For America

Fair and Balanced....

WHile I commend the reporter for a fair Radio report in regard to statments from the many groups. There was no mention of the one sided slurs and violent verbal attacks by Muslims to the peaceful protesters...displaying sign with unskewed data and pew polls to refute this propaganda being perpetrated on those in attendance. Unlike the radio story... the written story appears to have a pro-Islamic slant. Make no mistake, Ahmed Bedier of the UVA United Voices is CAIR repackaged. (CAIR, co-conspirator for funneling $12 million dollars to Hamas in the US vs HLF trial} I would be very suspect of the candidate Hafeez who sits on the board of united voices. CAIR has memo and documents of how they will overcome America and openly have stated to replace our constituion with Sharia Law. Once such way is by putting Muslim with a radical agenda in office. There are numerous documents which expose CAIR and their sinister agenda in the book MUSLIM MAFIA by Dave Guabatz.

Real Islam for the Real News Fools

Islam is the religion of Arab nationalism and expansion,has been from its inception, and has amply demonstrated its imperialism and chauvinism over the centuries and today. The dhimmis, people like the incredibly credulous Rob Lorei, are useful idiots.

Peace on Our Terms

Islam means submission. Me and my Muslim Brothers and Sisters could care less if an American individual reverts back to Islam. All we care about is implementing Sharia Law as the law of the land rendering the U.S. Constitution impotent as a flawed man made invention. I tell you this because 1. you will not believe me because of the arrogance of your so called freedom and liberty. 2. We Muslims are more committed to the cause of dominating you Kaffur's politically. 3. All you want is peace at all costs. I will give you peace but only on my terms. If you choose something other than peace - the decision is yours and you will own it. The battle is already half way completed and you arrogant Americans don't event know it. Mohammad

That last post has to be a joke

I am willing to bet that he who calls himself Mohammad is really some Teenager or GOP operative.

It certainly is

"Mohammad" is definitely not a Muslim, lol. He's reading right off of ACT's website, verbalizing point for point everything the anti-Muslim groups say. A little tooo good to be true.

Poster "Mohammad" definitely not a Muslim

No Muslim ever actually thinks or argues that way. He's obviously an anti-Muslim activist. Muslims are generally deliriously happy about converts. They couldn't care less about implementing Shariah, as they either believe it only applies to Muslims, or recognize that It's just "the law" varying in details based on culture, region, and historical period. In that sense, when they voted overwhelmingly republican 10 years ago, they were voting for 'Shariah' as they understood it. The poster claims that Americans' weakness is their love of peace, but that's not a radical Muslims' complaint at all. Muslims who don't like America call it a warmonger who invades Muslim countries. And that "the battle is half completed" stuff is bull also. Radical Muslims haven't made any "progress" whatsoever, neither legally, socially, politically, or militarily. And they don't THINK they've made any progress, because they feel Muslims are too fractured and apathetic. It's only Creeps like Alan at ACT who think Muslims are poised to rise up and take over the country. This 'Mohammad' is thus a cartoon of an Islamic radical, who doesn't bother imitating Muslims in speech or perspective, because his whole point is to make YOU feel responsible for letting THEM win. He cackles madly because you didn't curtail Muslims' civil rights when you had the chance. He's a WWII era propaganda poster in comment form. A leering bucktoothed jap saying "America Roos the war cuz YOU no put us in camps!"