Third party alternatives to the maintstream parties

02/09/10 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up today we'll speak with representatives of several third parties- alternatives to the two mainstream parties. Our guests are Jennifer Sullivan who is with Green Party of Florida, JJ McCurry who is the chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida, Peter Allen who is state chair of the Independent Party (, and Bob Kundst of the Independent Democrats.

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St Petersburg citizen

Good day Rob, I hope you are doing well. It is my understanding, from a post I read on a yahoo listserv, that your radio-show of today will feature third parties in Florida. Great - I love it! I think that is a wonderful idea, given that the two major parties do not represent the majority of Americans, and their elected representatives have taken to heart the business of pandering to special corporate interests while forgetting the issues of the people, human-beings. I appreciate your and the station's attention to third parties. Especially in light of the present undemocratic system [both legal and informal (media)] that is crafted and designed to give overwhelming advantage to the two party system. I would like to point out my sadness in the fact that in selecting your third party representatives, you have omitted the Ecology Party, which with its presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, garnered more votes than any other third party in Florida. Again Rob, thanks for the show to come as it will provide a place under the sun, for third parties to express their respective political positions and present greater choices to the electorate. This is indeed quite needed.

Democracy demands more than two parties

Hi Rob. I appreciate your show on third parties. Unfortunately, I feel that the third party movement could have been better represented, with more articulate spokes persons. I encourage you to continue looking into this issue. The present two party system is destroying American democacy. These two parties can only represent a small percentage of the political viewpoints of the population. They leave most Americans without a voice. No wonder a large percentage of the population have opted out of participating in demoncracy. Robust third parties would actually improve the politics of the two major parties, would improve the national dialogue, and would break the power hold of the corporate sector.


Is the Independent Democrats candidate suggesting that we become the United States of Israel? Is he a senior member of ANCAP? I believe the United Stated of America panders to Israel quite too much already.

Chair, Ecology Party of Florida

Thanks for doing a show on third parties. If anyone is interested in a serious third party whose focus is the environment, please check out the ECOLOGY PARTY & register with us.

SW Florida Green Party Coordinator

One of the things that I love about the Green Party is that it is what Alexis de Tocqueville would call a great party. The reason is because Greens place their ideals and values over ANY one hero or icon of the party. The reason for the cutoff after four is simply numbers. Florida has 35 political parties total. I was told by the station to take the four largest alternative parties in Florida that had platforms. That is what I did. Please go to the SOE for our state and see for yourselves, it's quite easy. I agree about Israel being a topic that I did not expect to be part of the conversation, but we answered all questions as they came. I'd like to state (as I had said I did not know this particular answer) that The Green Party is opposed to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. More info on the Green Party can be found at Stay tuned for our April lobby in DC!

Green Party of Florida

Thanks to Rob for hosting this program on Florida's top four minority political parties. It would be great to have a series of these programs that focus on specific local and state public policy issues. While national issues (like US policy on Israel) are interesting to discuss, they have very little bearing on the activities of minority parties in Florida. Maybe Rob would consider hosting another program that is more focused on specific policy issues that affect us here in Florida. Energy and environmental policies would be a good one, as well as the corruption of our electoral process and the electoral reforms that are needed to implement a truly democratic political process. I urge all the No Party Affiliation voters out there to come home to the GREEN PARTY and help us build an alternative to the two corporate GREED PARTIES.