Sustainable Women's Day Program

03/08/10 Debbie Butts
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Debbie Butts, partner of programmer Jon Butts, hosted the Sustainable Living Program today in celebration of International Women’s Day. She talked a bit about the joys and challenges of being a woman farmer, including personal experiences of transitioning from traditional, chemical-based agriculture to the sustainable, organic practices used at their farm-based intentional community, Ecofarm.

Joining her in the studio was Tiffany, crafter and 'creatress' of Love, Peace & Dye. She is a handmade artist that splits her time between work on the Ecofarm and her recycled and reclaimed conscious crafts, clothing and hemp jewelry business. One of the important products that Tiffypop creates to make life healthier and more sustainable for women is the reusable, cloth menstrual pad.

Also, joining the program by phone was Pam, the ‘goat lady’ Lunn, owner and operator of The Dancing Goat. Pam was a wealth of interesting and often humorous information about how she became a dairy goat and chicken ‘herder’ after losing her corporate job.

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