Arrest of the Michigan militia groups a sign of growing fascism in the US?

03/31/10 Robert Lorei
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Last weekend, members of a Christian militia group in Michigan were arrested for plotting to kill some police officers as a way to start a wider civil war in the US. In recent months we've seen growing violence by some on the far right of the political spectrum.

Our next guest has been writing about authoritarian movements for several years. She is Sara Robinson of the Campaign for America's Future. Last year she wrote an influential piece called Fascist America: Are We There Yet? for She joins us now by telephone.

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Ron Paul Racist?

Hi, During the latter part of the show there was a discussion of whther Texas Congressman and noted libertarian Ron Paul had a racist past. Here's a link to a piece from DailyKos:

Different view on the link between Tea Parties and

Here's an interesting article related to the discussion about growing fascism in the US: