Spring Gardening Program

04/05/10 Jon Butts
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Our special guest today on the Sustainable Living program was Tampa’s premier vegetable farmer, Rick Martinez, founder of Sweetwater Organic Farm in West Tampa.

Sweetwater is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm where you can buy food shares from the farm, and volunteer to help grow the vegetables through-out the season. Rick answered a variety of questions from listeners.

Sweetwater is holding an Earth Day event at the farm on Saturday, April 17th, with a lot of farm related workshops, vendors and more.

We also had a promoter of the Tampa Lowry Park Earth Day Event which takes place on Sunday, April 18, talk about this great event organized by the Sierra Club.

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On Sustainable Living last week I heard about a type of grass that is easy to grow. I thought is was called popcorn grass. I'd like to check into getting some, but don't know the best place to look.