Interview with the Deputy Israeli Consul

04/14/10 Robert Lorei
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Welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Robert Lorei Our guest today is the Israeli Deputy Consul General, Paul Hirschson who is based in Miami.

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Rob, The idea that Jerusalem as a disputed territory and not an area that has already been deemed by the UN as occupied territory is standard Zionist fare. Funny how the UN was the institution which brought about the birth of Israel and how easily that fact is forgotten. The countless resolutions condemning the continuous breaches of international law, war crimes and crimes against humanity go unheeded by the state of Israel is just an indication of their intent. Obviously they will continue to push and push to gain more and more Palestinian territory until possibly something of a monumentally horrific proportion creates havoc for the entire planet. Ironic how it's the state of Israel who is shouting loudest about Iran's nuclear ambitions, as they sit on an un-admitted stockpile of weapons of mass destruction that were obtained by the very same premise as what the Iranians are espousing, the use of nuclear for peaceful purposes. He refused to answer your question of why Israel refuses to sign on to the NPT, well obviously they are above the laws to which other nations adhere and intend to keep it that way. He continually fell back upon the notion of the behavior of the USA and other nations violent and inhumane activities. Rather odd, for a country he kept pointing out as being so entrenched in fine culture of music, arts etc. and in pursuit of peace. Its kind of reminiscent of similar attitudes that were prominent in Germany society prior to the outbreak of WWII. Is it a race to the bottom for states to behave in the least civilized manner in resolving issues of territory? What use of is all that great education? Someone once pointed out that if a beautiful sumptuous feast set before you is contaminated by the tiniest piece of excrement who will sit down and enjoy that meal? The comparison your guest made about the ratio of innocent children to combatants was no worse than in Kosovo, Serbia and the other war zone cited, does not take in to consideration that the Gaza strip was completely surrounded and the non-combatants were prevented by Israel and Egypt from escaping, they were trapped. You really cannot say this was a war fought in Dec '08 and Jan'09 in Gaza, any more then you can say shooting ducks in a barrel is a hunting expedition. The claim of the attack on Gaza being in reaction to rockets launched in breach of the cease fire, has also received considerable attention and was found that the IDF were the first to break the cease fire by capturing Palestinian men. The ill-advised rocket launches by the Palestinians were in retaliation to the breach by Israel. Also, the claim of the IDF's pinpoint accuracy in their targeting is a joke if you read the facts on how many schools, hospital, civilian residences and even the UN buildings were hit with their pinpoint accurate smart weaponry. Which means you can't have it both ways, if you are as accurate as you claim then the results on the ground reflect the true intent. That's a start! Jeffrey, Tampa, FL