USF St. Pete, Dali Museum Celebrate Earth Day

04/21/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Have you ever seen a teal bee? Their brilliant metallic bodies look like something out of a storybook. There were several on USF’s St. Pete campus today, thanks to Sarasota County agriculture expert Robert Kluson. He was on campus for a weeklong Earth Day Celebration, and said there was another place you can find the unusual-looking insects.

Kluson was one of several demonstrators set up on the freshly-minted greenspace at the heart of the campus. Briton Cleveland, president of the school’s Student Environmental Awareness Society, or SEAS, said this day’s Earth Week festivities meant to teach students about sustainability.

While some students passed by the green space without stopping, others meandered among the information tables.

That was Lisa Dailey from Sarasota’s Horticultural Alliance explaining soil and composting to USF business management major Crystal Boswell, who said she learned a thing or two.

Boswell added that when it comes to sustainability she sees a major knowledge gap among the general public.

SEAS President Briton Cleveland said that the big celebration is tomorrow, the official Earth Day.

A little further up the bayfront, the first signs of green went up at the construction site for the new Dali Museum. There, workers unloaded several thirty-five-foot ficus trees that had been rehabilitated in South Florida after a hurricane. Landscape architect Hunter Booth said the twisty-limbed trees, which look like they were ripped from a Dali canvas, will help give the Dali collection’s new home a greener feel.

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