'Crude awakening' protest stresses sustainable energy

05/20/10 Kelly Benjamin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

In St. Petersburg today, students and environmental groups held a memorial service and rally to mark the one month anniversary of the BP oil disaster that continues to spew oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Andrew Bell, clergyman of the United Methodist Church, said a few words before reading off the names of the eleven workers were were lost when the Deepwater Horizon Oil platform exploded one month ago.

One of the organizers of the event, Kate Melges of Greenpeace, explained what her group is doing in the wake of the BP disaster.

Melges also stated that she would like to see all offshore drilling in the Gulf come to an end.

USF student Daniel Gardenus echoed those sentiments.

Dan Cannon of the Southern Energy Network says that student groups and youth in general are on the front lines of the clean energy movement.

The Crude Awakening rally in St. Pete was one of several dozen taking place across the country this week. Organizer Kira Varrera says there are more actions planned next month.

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Sucking the life out of mother nature

We, all human-kind, need to be more proactive and stand together in matters of our earth! Remember Iron Eye Cody, the Native American commercial against pollution with the tear? I am so heart broken for the way we have treated this earth!!!