Eve Plews on the WMNF Alternative Health Show

05/24/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Friday) | Listen to this entire show:

Eve Prang Plews, a nutritionist from Sarasota, was the guest on this edition of WMNF's Alternative Health Show

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I listened to a show (about 2-3 mo's ago) w/ a nutritionist from Sarasota in which she described the differing levels of "thyroxin", dopamine, tyrocene, etc,& their affects in relation to foods(addiction to sugars)...I am quite late in asking to locate a tape or to find this episode- We are reg. contributors,listeners- Please, can a staff person write or..(?) & let me know how to relocate transcript,or a broadcast. Thank You, K.M.,Tampa.

Due to unforseen events...

Due to a recent change in policy driven by unavoidable economic circumstances, we are forced to charge for assistance. The new rate is $25 per request. Thank you for your understanding. Just drop it in the tip jar and someone will respond shortly. I apologize on behalf of the station for this inconvenience. A lot of people have been claiming to be contributors but who were actually deadbeats.

Unkind label

Some are NOT "deadbeats", we just have no jobs anymore, hence, not even enough to cover the basics, and may soon enough be homeless!