New biography of TV commentator Glenn Beck

06/01/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Tuesday) | Listen to this entire show:

Welcome to Radioactivity. Coming up we’ll talk with the author of a new biography of radio talk show host Glenn Beck. But first some listener comments about last Thursday’s interview with the Pinellas peace activist who had spent the last several months living in the Palestinian territories observing the effect of the Israeli occupation. Tape

Our next guest is a freelance writer who spent a lot of time here in Tampa doing research for his new book COMMON NONSENSE: GLENN BECK AND THE TRIUMPH OF IGNORANCE (Wiley). The book chronicles Beck's quick rise from radio disc jockey to one of the most-watched television political commentators. It includes a look at his time in Tampa, his battle with substance abuse, the questions surrounding the death of his mother and his somewhat hard to follow political theories. Our guest is Alexander Zaitchik.

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