Newspapers throughout the country either yesterday or today have editorialized about the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

One of the more provocative ones came from the Madison Capital Times, in Madison Wisconsin...Their lead sentence this morning was that it was "amusing to witness the re-writing of history ."

John Nichols, who wrote the editorial, elaborated on sections of the piece, such as the problem with 'all this hero worship is that the spin underestimates and demeans Reagan. (roll tape#1 o.q. "Kermit the Frog of politics")

The Capitol Times editorial goes on to say , "We have always maintained a grudging respect for the man. And we continue to recognize that there is much that liberals can - and should - learn from him." Again, John Nichols - also a regular contributor to the Nation Magazine, explains (roll tape#2 o.q."Reagan did a lot of ")

Although Reagan was an extremely polarizing in his conservative views, his sunny optimism made him extremely popular with the American Public.....Reagan left office with an approval rating of 77%.......Madison Capitol Times Editorial Writer John Nichols said this showed another element of Reagan that liberals could ape - that being style is at least as important as substance (roll tape#3 o.q."and Reagan was liked")

That was John Nichols, of the Madison, Wisconsin Capital Times newspaper and the Nation Magazine, discussing what liberals could learn from Ronald Reagan.

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