Should BP Be Criminally Prosecuted For The Oil Disaster?

06/16/10 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday) | Listen to this entire show:

Should BP be held criminally liable for the deaths and damage in the Gulf in the wake of the DH exposion? Our next guest says yes. he is RUSSELL MOKHIBER, Mokhiber is editor of Corporate Crime Reporter. He said today: "BP is a recidivist corporate criminal. BP has three convictions and one deferred prosecution agreement in the last ten years. In his speech [Tuesday night] Obama did not once mention the words 'crime,' 'criminal' or 'justice.' Why not? Because Obama is not serious about corporate crime. If he were, he would bring the full law enforcement force of his administration down on BP and the responsible executives. BP would be debarred from all government contracts -- including contracts supplying the U.S. military in Iraq with a majority of its fuel needs. Time for a change."

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