Two Tampa City Council members resign because of paperwork deadline

06/24/10 Beth Bell & Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Two seasoned Democrats running for Hillsborough County Commission seats failed to meet an election paperwork deadline that signals their intent to resign their current elected positions and run for new ones.

Both Tampa City Council members Linda Saul-Sena and John Dingfelder resigned from Council in the last 24 hours.

Council Attorney Martin Shelby announced Dingfelder's resignation during Thursday's meeting.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, the local GOP party chair is exploring whether they can be removed from the ballot, and at least one attorney thinks they are on vulnerable legal ground. The Supervisor’s office says no mistakes were made at their end. According to state law, if Saul-Sena and Dingfelder are removed from the ballot, the local Democratic Party can select candidates to fill their places.

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