Hands Across the Sand

06/26/10 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View

Anita Stewart from the Tampa area and Kathy Harrelson from St. Petersburg area talk about the local involvement in the national and international demonstration of Hands Across the Sands. On June 26 at noon local time people dressed in black will join hands to stand in solidarity against Offshore Oil Drilling. They will go to their local beaches or if in an area with no local beaches will gather symbolically to show their support of the message.


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Florida Tourist Economy

I would much rather have oil rigs, and the jobs they create, than our current tourist economy. The tourist economy does not pay middle-class wages or provide benefits. The tourist economy implodes upon the slightest economic difficulty. The tourist economy does not reward education; even worse, it depends on young Floridians being so poorly educated that they cannot leave the state for better-paying opportunities elsewhere. It’s not surprising that an organizer of these events owns three restaurants. Anyone who owns a restaurant, let alone three, has a vested interest in keeping the status quo. What is surprising is that the media portrays in such a positive light those who conspire to keep Floridians poor, uneducated and working for tips.