Florida Public Service Chair Nancy Argenziano on the Power Of Special Interests Over the PSC

07/07/10 Robert Lorei
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Our next guest is a former state legislator and now the chair of the Florida Public Service Commission - Nancy Argenziano.

Yesterday she called on Gov. Charlie Crist to disband the state panel that helps pick members of the utility regulating board or maybe even eliminate the PSC itself and “have the legislature do what it essentially does now anyway: dictate results.”

Consumer advocates raised questions about the PSC nominating council last week after it refused to include Argenziano and Commissioner Nathan Skop in a group of 18 candidates who will be interviewed for their seats.

The nominating council recently recommended eight finalists for two other open PSC seats that Crist is expected to fill by July 15. Argenziano urged Crist not to choose from that pool in a commentary published Tuesday in Florida newspapers.

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Which 'consumer advocates' raised the issue? Truth is, the consumer advocates who regularly appear before the commission and are accordingly loathe to express any preferances on Commissioner appointments are not remotely disappointed that these two are gone. Skop careened from consumers' side to utility side and back again and Argenziano couldn't tell you the difference between a rate base and a base rate if her next lengthy summer vacation depended upon it. The issue of Skop and Argenziano getting booted is raised by Skop and Argenziano.