Stop-loss payments available for some military vets

09/08/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Over the weekend the Washington Post reported that more than 90,000 members of the U.S. military haven’t claimed money accrued during involuntary extensions of their service. Today U.S. ember of Congress Kathy Castor is urging residents of the Tampa Bay area to spread the word.

Two-thirds of veterans and beneficiaries eligible for retroactive stop-loss payments haven’t collected on money the government owes them. An average of three to four thousand dollars is owed to service members who were involuntary kept on duty after September 11, 2001. US Representative Kathy Castor says many eligible service members might not even be aware of the payments.

Castor says part of the problem is that some of them may be wary of any piece of mail bearing a military return address.

The deadline to claim retroactive stop-loss payments is October 21. Castor says this can be done so in a variety of ways:

Castor says she wonders why the Department of Defense didn’t mail the stop-loss checks directly to veterans. A reported $324 million in back pay has been left unclaimed. Again, the Web address for those who think they may be eligible is

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