Supporters and opponents debate Hillsborough's proposed transportation tax

09/14/10 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today: a debate on the proposal to increase the sales tax one cent and to use the money to improve transportation in Hillsborough County. Among the projects to be paid for? A light rail system. At one time Tampa had a street car system on rails that served much of the central core of the city. It was dismantled in the middle of the 20th Century and since then Tampa and Hillsborough County have been reliant on an ever growing network of roads, toll roads, interstates and state highways.

Here to debate the one cent sales tax: David Singer is Campaign Director of Moving Hillsborough Forward, a grassroots coalition of Hillsborough County residents, neighborhoods, businesses, civic groups and community leaders determined to build a modern transportation system—including a light rail system.

Also here is Sharon Calvert who heads the Tampa Tea Party. She represents a grassroots group called No Tax For Trax.

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Please vote yes!

I thought the debate was very interesting yesterday. Thank you for hosting it. There was a few times when Sharon Calvert pulled a Jan Brewer and fell silent to some of the questions. I could envision her getting mad and pouting a bit in response to the voice of reason. I also attended an info session held by HART at the Seminole Heights Garden Center about the plans for the transit tax, and it was very informative. Please vote yes on the transit tax for the future of Tampa and Hillsborough County!!


I think it's great that WMNF brought both parties to the table and allowed them to air their sides of the story. I think this vote is a great opportunity for Hillsborough commuters and visitors alike, and will improve our economic vitality well into the future! I'm voting FOR!

Please Vote NO!

I thought Ms Calvert presented a clear and reasonable case for not increasing the sales tax. I plan to vote no.

Yes because this tax will be beneficial

Having the guest who's backed by the CATO institute(funded by the infamous Koch Bros) really shows just how you WILL give the dark side a fair chance. These people are so cold. Every person I have met that did not believe in any "taxes" was always more than ready to collect on something. Yet they have such a disconnect. When THEY get a government check-------it's different because "they EARNED it" (somehow, as if the other guy didn't). It just KILLS them to pitch in to get Tampa to run like the cool cities that have that great rail scene. She seemed to not like the idea of Tampa's downtown getting more dense & apparently prefers that sprawl. I wasn't able to catch the whole show, but I am sure that the proponent mentioned how those less able to buy & maintain a car would do better with public transportation. Just paying for tittles & tags now is sky high (unless one could buy that 3 year plan like I did). Most people with money lack mercy. They scoop up the deals & blame the welfare recipients. Normally, I do not like sales taxes being raises because I fear that it DOES hurt the poor. When I was on the county transportation board I always opposed it because it was ALWAYS for more roads. However, this is a good thing for them to pool their money into, as opposed to a new stadium. Like your guest said Florida does not tax food so those who are still out shopping would have to pay an extra penny. I hope people vote FOR this.


I am voting against this, wrong time, wrong place. I was very interested in hearing Mr. Singers responce to who are your top 5 donors....he didnt answer although he bragged about how transparent they were. It is the same old song and dance, bundle bad with good to try to sneak it through. It will be another perpetual money hole for private business on the backs of the public. Let private investors build whatever they want..on their dime. VOTE NO