The Milk Party Demands Children Be Made Top Priority

09/22/10 Kimberly Vlach
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By now, we’re all familiar with the Tea Party movement. But have you heard of the Milk Party? Well, in Florida, the Milk Party traveling around the state, making waves of its own. Since Labor Day, the non-partisan group called The Children’s Movement of Florida has gathered 8,500 Floridians in, so far, ten rallies. There, people have been calling upon the state to make children the number one priority in health insurance and education. The co-chair of the movement is David Lawrence, who was the former publisher of the Miami Herald and later founded the Children’s Trust in Miami-Dade county. He demands that lawmakers put children first and argues that investing in children now would result in an even larger return on investment in the future. Kimberly Vlach talked with David when he and his Milk Party crew rolled through Tampa on September 16.

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