County to strengthen bike safety measures

10/06/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Today, the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners discussed adopting a countywide program to make Bay area roads safer for those who experience them by bike.

Theo Petrisch of Lutz says he’s willing to work for free to help the county reduce the amount of collision occur that involve bicyclists. Since late July, at least six bicyclists have died as a result of riding on Tampa Bay Area Roads.

Petrisch says a third of Florida’s population is unable drive, be it due to age, income, or mental capacity.

Alan Snel is head of the Southwest Florida Bicycle United Dealers, or SWFBUD. During a public comment session earlier, he solemnly pleads to the board to do more for area bicyclists.

It was Commissioner Mark Sharpe who put the item on today’s agenda. He says there’s a lot that can be done to make the roads safer.

Commissioner Kevin Beckner says he wants to make sure the resources the county and others put into spreading awareness go into more than just a sunny public relations campaign.

In the wake of today’s discussion, Interim County Administrator Mike Merrill will work with municipalities, the Sheriff’s office, and other entities to take quick action on implementing bike safety measures on Hillsborough County’s roads.

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