Election postmortem with Alternet editor

11/06/10 mary glenney
From A Woman's Point of View

Adele Stan is AlterNet's Washington Bureau chief. She is the co-editor of Dangerous Brew: Exposing the Tea Party's Agenda to Take Over America.

Adele has been observing and writing about the ramifications of religion and conservatism for years. She gave a post-mortem summary of her interpretation of the recent election. Did any of us Floridians realize that Florida is considered "ground zero" of the tea party movement?

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Astroturf the world… no more mowing...

Aaahhh… Mary… you couldn’t get through a really interesting interview without demeaning a portion of your listening audience by using the phrase “Tea Baggers” at least once… a phrase that’s also demeaning to women… or at least to some.

Who needs fertilizer when there’s Astroturf…

Oh… here you go… Adele Stan conducts studies on the “Tea Party” in collaboration with the “Investigative Fund”… the failed brain fart of Arianna Huffington??? The same “Investigative Fund” that was absorbed by the “Center for Public Integrity”??? The same “Center for Public Integrity” that’s being run by John Soloman… the urinalist that’s been called a "frequent purveyor of conservative misinformation" with a "history of distortion"??? Hold on while I dig a little deeper… I’m sure there’s some “grass roots” down here somewhere…

Typical Leftwing Pap

I agree. The reference to teabagger is disrespectful and tasteless. Typical leftwing pap.