PETA's sexy pilgrims fight turkey murder

11/16/10 Kelly Benjamin
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Today in downtown Tampa, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals passed out free vegan turkeys to passers by in hopes of promoting a meatless Thanksgiving.

Two young women dressed as sexy pilgrims caught the eyes of Tampa's downtown business crowd as they handed out free "Tofurky" meatless turkey roasts at lunch time. Virginia Fort is with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

"We're out here handing out delicious Tofurky roasts as an alternative to turkey this year for their centerpieces. Turkeys are sensitive, they feel pain just like cats and dogs do and are abused on factory farms in ways that if cats and dogs were the victims people would be convicted of felony cruelty to animals. So we're just asking people to, in the spirit of the holiday season switch to a delicious, cholesterol free, and cruelty free Tofurky roast."

One of the passersby who took a free fake turkey today is Angela Drago. She says she appreciates the gift but it probably won't change her eating habits.

"I still like turkey, real turkey, yeah, that's my take. Sorry. I don't eat meat every day only because I work a lot and every thing so I do try to have it a couple times a week but fish as well, chicken, but I have no problem with having a vegetarian dish every now and then. It's very good but to completely change my lifestyle to go vegan or vegetarian, no. That's not going to happen."

That doesn't deter Lauren Quillo, another sexy PETA pilgrim who worked the lunch crowd on Franklin Street today.

"People come up and they say 'well, I'm a meat eater, what is this?' And they want to ask questions about it and we just explain to them it's a really healthy alternative to eating meat. Low in cholesterol, low in fat, pretty good for you so it's awesome. And they just seem to be curious, I mean my dad's a meat eater and he made me a Tofurkey roast on Sunday."

Virginia Fort says dressing up as scantily clad pilgrims was a good way to get her message out about animal rights.

"Most people find the sexy pilgrims fun and it's a great way to bring attention to what is a very serious issue for billions of turkeys who are slaughtered every year simply for tradition."

PETA is on a city to city tour around the country promoting Meat Free Holidays.

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