Bill Nelson: Florida will get $342 million more for high-speed rail

12/09/10 Seán Kinane
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Florida may be getting more money for its proposed high-speed train. And it’s thanks to some states rejecting the federal funds. Federal Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has told Florida’s Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson that Florida will get some of the money rejected by Wisconsin and Ohio. Recently elected Republican governors in those states have said they did not want high-speed rail projects.

"Florida is getting an early Christmas present. We just got $342 million more for our high-speed rail project from Orlando to Tampa. That brings the commitment from the federal government for a $2.75 billion project to 90 per cent coming from the federal government and only 10 per cent to come from the State of Florida. It's money that is there in the bank ready to be used. This is going to create 25,000 jobs over the next four years and this new money that we are getting is coming from Ohio and Wisconsin who's newly elected governors have rejected the high-speed rail in their states. So, indeed, we are the beneficiary for this early Christmas present."

Nelson said Florida will get $342 million more in federal funding for the high-speed rail line that will be built between Orlando and Tampa.

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Bring-it-on-home Bill!!! The only thing “high speed” in Wisconsin or Ohio is the crystal…