The Prosperity Campaign Followed By The Governor's Inaugural Address

01/05/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning I'm Rob Lorei. Today on Radioactivity we'll hear an interview about a free tax preparation service with Kara Moore of Hillsborough County's United Way. It's part of The Prosperity Campaign. As the United Way puts it:

"In just a few weeks employers will be sending W-4 statements out and people will begin thinking about taxes once again.

"For tens of thousands who faced unemployment or underemployment in 2010, tax preparation can be an expensive process and a depressing reminder of dollars lost in a grave economy.

"Many of these people are unaware that they may qualify for free tax preparation and that they may further qualify for a special federal tax credit that can increase their cash refund. However, in a rush to get a fast refund to put dollar in their pockets, people struggling often turn to ‘quick tax’ services that offer instant refunds – that are in fact, predatory loans that significantly diminish the total dollars a family could receive. And, these ‘quick tax’ services often fail to recommend or process EITC benefits, further diminishing the total refund deserving families qualify for from the IRS. This is a story that cannot wait until April.

"As lead agency for the Prosperity Campaign of Hillsborough County, United Way is eagerly working to build awareness of the free tax prep services and the EITC benefit throughout our region."

FMI call "211" or go to

Next up we'll hear Governor Rick Scott's inauguration speech from yesterday and then take your phone calls.

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