A conversation with Ian Hallett, Director of Hillsborough County Animal Services

05/15/13 Duncan Strauss
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Ian Hallett, Director of Hillsborough County Animal Services, discusses his formative years in Riverview, how his educational path took him to Austin, where he began volunteering at the animal shelter there, taking on various volunteer roles, then getting hired as a staffer, ultimately ascending to Deputy Chief Animal Services, where he helped guide the facility into "No Kill." He's returned to Tampa, as Director of Hillsborough County Animals Services, and describes the key tenets of his newly approved "Be The Way Home" plan.


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Ian Hallett is full of crap. Animals under his care are not properly cared for, staff kills kittens and mothers freely without giving much effort to try and find homes. Care to see what is really going on there? http://www.change.org/petitions/hillsborough-county-commissioners-clean-up-animal-services