A look at the sports world / Petition to get Pier decision put on St. Pete ballot

07/05/12 Mitch Perry
Last Call Thursday | Listen to this entire show:

Two guests graced the airwaves on the day after the July 4 holiday.

Dave Zirin has the distinction of being the first ever true sportswriter to be on the masthead of the Nation magazine. Writing from a distinctly progressive view about politics, Zirin shared his thoughts on some recent issues which he's either written or blogged about in the Nation or his own blog.

Also on the program Tom Lambdon with voteonthepier.com, a local group in St. Pete fighting to have the citizens of St. Pete get a a chance to vote up or down on whether to raze the iconic St. Pete Pier for a new structure, or simply repair what is necessary and maintain the current structure.

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