After girl's death, Tampa City Council member wants to know why a Busch Blvd. crosswalk is taking so long

02/07/13 Janelle Irwin
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Tampa City Council member Frank Reddick wants to know why an extra crosswalk wasn’t installed along Busch Boulevard before an 8-year-old girl was struck and killed trying to cross the street. Reddick is asking city staff to look into what was taking so long.

The city already knew there was a problem with people jaywalking on Busch Boulevard where one mile separates two crosswalks. Reddick said adding another was in the works.

“The study had been completed. They had agreed to put the crosswalk in place, but why [was it] not installed and what are the factors involved for not putting it in place in a timely manner.”

If the crosswalk had been in place, it might have saved Jayla Shubbar’s life last Sunday. All Reddick can hope now is that what happened to her doesn’t happen again.

“A lot of kids that live in that area that cross to come over to the store and go to the other little mall where they’ve got other shopping centers and it’s a heavy, heavy area where you’ve got a tremendous amount of traffic.”

Reddick expects the crosswalk to take several months to be completed. It will include painted lines on the road and flashing lights warning motorists that a pedestrian is crossing the street. Motorists are required by law to yield to the pedestrians in a crosswalk.

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jayla shubbar is my grandchild and is now dead! as i see it if this happened to anyone of "fame" as it were, that walkway surely would be started that same day.Unfortunately the people who live in the area involved must not be important enough!!! SHAME ON YOU.... thank u mr Reddick for your concerns. Brenda maciejewski grieving Grandmother.

Jayla was my niece and let me tell you people something. ..I live in buffalo New York andwe have a lot of very busy streets and on every one of them there is at least a cross wwalk if not a light and when i walked in Tampa and took that same walk Jayla walked for her last time I almost got hit and I'm a grown Woman. There needs to be something in place there to let drivers know there is people crossing the street let some one else get his and killed city of Tampa because your too slow and lazy to odo something about this so difficult to put some paint down with a couple flashing lights. Makes me sick to think that any other family would ever have to grieve like we are because of people like you. I have read alot of articles regarding this matter and Mr Reddick is one of the only people who is really trying to get things moving on this. If it was anyone in any of your families bet there would have been something done already. So thank you Mr Reddickfor trying to get the ball Moving on this before another child ddies and another family suits and hurts the way we are.