Amy Taylor director of the Action Project of Planned Parenthood and the Aug 29 rally in Tampa

08/23/12 Mary Glenney
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Amy Taylor, the director of the Action Project for Planned Parenthood, talks about the "Women Speaking Up" bus tour which has been touring the country for the last six weeks . She gave a summary of the events so far and talked about the "pink bus" tour which is coming to Tampa, Fl. on Wednesday August 29 for a planned protest and rally at the Republican National Convention.

The bus will arrive at noon at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park, 1001 North Boulevard in Tampa. There will be speeches and presentations. The main rally is scheduled from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm at the same park. Amy Taylor said "they will be rallying in support of family planning funding, birth control at no-pay, the right to abortion, and all the many health services that Planned Parenthood has been providing for women." They will be rallying against "getting rid of Planned Parenthood as some candidates have been advocating."

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