Anti-rail activist rallies against Pinellas transit plan

03/14/14 Janelle Irwin
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Tags: transit, Greenlight Pinellas, rail, Barbara Haseldon, No Tax for Tracks

The Greenlight Pinellas Plan as its called would fund things like increased bus service, bus rapid transit and 24 miles of light rail connecting downtown St. Pete, the Carillon business district in mid-county and Clearwater. The one penny tax hike would raise Pinellas’ sales tax from 7% to 8% and would grow PSTA’s revenue from about $30 million to $130 million. The campaign pushing the referendum calls this a tax swap because the sales tax would replace the portion of property taxes currently allocated to the transit agencies. But the group No Tax For Tracks takes exception to that description. Barbara Haselden is the campaign manager and spokesperson for the group. She argues the tax is unnecessary, regressive and more than PSTA can manage.

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