Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's water crisis

10/05/11 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Wednesday) | Listen to this entire show:

Coming up we’ll talk about the coming water crisis in the US with author Cynthia Barnett. But first two listener comments about yesterday’s programs. We received calls about the interview with the activists for St. Pete for Peace and we’ll hear a comment about yesterday’s Last Call show and the Republican candidates for President.

Our guest today is Cynthia Barnett author of a new book called BLUE REVOLUTION: UNMAKING AMERICAS WATER CRISIS (Beacon). Barnett says that our major sources of fresh water are drying up or being depleted. She says the old solutions of dams and reservoirs aren’t working and that unless we develop a new ethic for water usage we could see widespread shortages in the next few years.

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