Bob Buckhorn Inaugurated as Mayor of Tampa

04/01/11 Seán Kinane
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Tampa has a new Mayor. Bob Buckhorn was inaugurated this afternoon in a ceremony at the Tampa Convention Center.

The seven members of the Tampa City Council also took their oaths of office this afternoon. Mary Mulhern, Yvonne Yolie Capin, and Charlie Miranda are returning members. Mike Suarez, Harry Cohen, Frank Reddick, and Lisa Montelione are new Council members. Miranda was elected new chair with four votes.

Mayor Buckhorn:

"Look around this room, ladies and gentlemen. If you ever wondered what makes this city special, look around this room. Black, white, Hispanic, young, not so young, gay, straight, affluent, those who aspire to be, men, women, white collar, green collar, blue collar, male, female, Muslim, Christian, Jew, a city united by something bigger than just itself.

"That is our common mission. Our economy is still soft, the housing market is weak, take home pay not keeping pace, city revenues declining, a $20 million budget deficit looming, those are our challenges. Those are our circumstances, but circumstances are not destiny. Destiny is made, it is not dictated. Our city, what she becomes and what we make of her, is up to us. Greatness, greatness is always earned. It takes vision and confidence. It takes sweat and unity. It must be nurtured. A mayor must be part architect, part negotiator, part cheerleader, coach, hand-holder. Get your sleeves rolled up and get 'er done kind of guy."

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