Bullying; it's more than just your lunch money

05/25/12 Lisa Marzilli
Last Call Friday | Listen to this entire show:

On today's Last Call we talked about bullying. A disturbing story in the local press this week highlighted the plight of 17 year old Zach Gray. He attempted to hang himself with a chain last year because, his parents say, he was tormented by bullies every day at Zephyrhills high school. Brain-damaged and unable to speak, Gray now requires around the clock care.

The subject of bullying has also come up during the presidential campaign thanks to an an article in the Washington Post, detailing a 1965 incident involving GOP candidate Mitt Romney when he was a senior at an elite, all-boys prep school. Romney claims he really can't recall hacking off a classmate's hair while others held the boy down. But an interview aired on WBZ radio in Boston with one of the other students involved, shows a much darker side to what Romney laughed off as a high school prank.

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