C-SPAN covers Tampa Bay; Florida League Of Women Voters says it's stopping voter registration efforts

05/13/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Coming up today we'll talk with C-SPAN producer Debbie Lamb about C-SPAN's "local content vehicle" tour of the Tampa Bay area. C-SPAN producers are spending one week here visiting various literary and historic sites, and interviewing local historians, authors and civic leaders.

During C-SPAN’s inaugural tour stop in Tampa/St. Petersburg, the network will also record interviews about the city’s plans for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

And later we'll talk with Deidre MacNab, president of the Florida League of Women Voters. Earlier this week the LWV announced that it will cease voter registration in the state of Florida upon implementation of HB 1355.

The LWV says:

"Not only does the bill make it more difficult for voters to participate in our democracy via a decrease in early voting and new policies regarding address changes at the polls, it also imposes an undue burden on groups such as ours that work to register voters."

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Have you out-lived your usefulness???

Seriously Ms. MacNab… you’re telling me that you can’t get your vote in within a WEEK??? Please!!! Oh yeah… and changing your NAME and address at the poll… what could possibly go wrong there??? No one ever said that 3rd party registration was going to be easy. But, I understand your reluctance… you are just a league of women voters!!! Too bad you’re not a national organization founded to assist voters in times of need… ohhhh wait a minute!!! Hay… here’s a thought… just let them do it at the DMV. You know… the place where you’re supposed to change your driver’s license and State ID when you do something on a whim… like move or change you name. The place that will change your voter’s registration for you… automatically!!! In 2012… let’s toast the elections with a stiff shot of “personal responsibility”… instead of a tin cup of “I’m a victim”!!! Shall we…

missing the point

How does it encourage more people to vote by decreasing the number of days for early voting? That's how to approach the issue, Glen. Give me a break. It's the Republicans who felt victimized and feaful by the early voting numbers because they can't win a fair election. They're the victims of early voting and they're just trying to keep the status quo in a progressive culture.

there's a reason

tg, democrats are inherently shrill and dishonest and can't be trusted not to vote twic, hence the reduced time frame.

People who want to vote... will vote!!!

The guvment encouraging more people to vote??? People shouldn't need encouragement to participate in a right. Guvment encouragement of anything needs to be seriously reviewed!!! For instance… how did that guvment encouragement of “fetal ultrasounds before an abortion” thingie, go over with ya??? I mean… it would only be fair to know both sides of the story affected by your "vote"... wouldn’t it??? Or… are you just trying to keep the status quo in a victimized progressive culture???

both sides now

The other restriction has to do with 3rd party groups registering voters. Didn't the GOP have people at the last Tea Party event? Again, making it more difficult for people to register and more difficult to access the polls is anti-American, otherwise we wouldn't have needed a "Voting Rights Act. It isn't the GOP that's the problem, it's the same upper white conservative base who's been dragging down the country for over 100 years. Only the names have changed.

silly rabbit

that's funny...but ridiculous

HB 1355 levels the playing field for 3rd party’s

Please!!! What the restrictions make difficult for 3rd party registration is… those last minute… asleep at the wheel… 3rd party wannabe’s!!! Do you honestly believe that a viable… NEW, UNKNOWN and UNREGISTERED 3rd party… can mount a successful campaign in less than 18 months??? We aint talkin about the “Green Party” or the “Communist Party” here… it’s NEW 3rd party’s. The restrictions also protects the viable 3rd party’s by not allowing politicians to pull a “Charlie”… by jumping from one party to another party in an election cycle… just because they didn’t get their party’s nomination!!! It actually protects 3rd party’s from a “hostile takeover”… by the Republicrats.