Can St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster survive against liberal challengers?

06/28/13 Janelle Irwin
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Thursday night, St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster squared off against challengers, Rick Kriseman and Kathleen Ford during the first debate of the cycle. Ford has won favor from much of the African-American community and Kriseman isn't far behind. Both bring more liberal principals to the table. The debate was sponsored, in part, by the NAACP whose members have grown critical of Foster in the wake of what they see as increased police chases and brutality. The April shooting of two teens through a car windshield by police officers sparked tension in the community. During a forum this month, chapter president Manuel Sykes said the police’s response – that the driver attempted to run officers over – is getting a little old.

During the debate last night, Foster took a beating from the group. I have a clip from last night’s debate of Goliath Davis, he’s the former Deputy Mayor fired by Foster in 2011, asking Foster about a list of 25 accomplishments being circulated. The frustration begs the question, can Foster survive this election?

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