Carolyn Arnold compares the 13th century witch-hunt to modern day terrorism suspicion & Paula Coughlin discusses military injustice

11/07/13 Mary Glenney
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Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold retired in 1997 after 12 years on the staff of US Senator John Glenn, she is the author of an e-Book, Letters from Washington.

Carolyn Arnold wonders about Masks, Memes, Torturers and Witches in her recent article. There probably is not a woman in the western world who was not related to one of the 80,00 witches (low estimate) who were tortured, murdered, boiled and burned to death beginning in the 13th century. Did you know that all the authorities started with the premise that not believing in witches was heresy? Witches were not condemned by their confessions, but rather by the twisted minds and imaginations of the torturers?

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