Cuba through eyes of an American Arab Muslim

05/18/12 Samar Jarrah
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Due to popular demand, True Talk dedicated the hour to my 8-day trip to Cuba. It generated many phone calls and comments. Hope you will listen and let me know what you think. I wasn’t able to cover one third of what I had planned to talk about!

Here are some comments received while on the air

We are hanging on every word you say. We want to hear YOUR experiences with the most recent news. We want to hear what YOU saw, not more arguments from the exile community.

A great take on Cuba from a great person with a special background – very informative & refreshing. We were so disappointed last week when you were not able to discuss your visit to Cuba. Thanks for doing it this week!!!

Thank you for reporting about your trip to Cuba.

wish u wudda not taken phone calls. so much we missed

Thank you so much for bringing us your news of Cuba last Friday and today!

It is very difficult to get an unbiased view. Almost all discussions draw the attention and arguments of Florida’s exile community, whose views we’ve heard since 12/2/1956 and which dominate every conversation. There are some Cuban exiles here who do support the Revolution and — or at least — oppose the blockade, but they are relatively few.

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