Debate: The Enemy Is Not Islam?

07/16/12 Robert Lorei
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Today we’ll feature a debate that promises to be very spirited. Earlier this year Chris Ingram who is a contributing columnist for the Tampa Tribune and a Republican political analyst at Bay News Nine wrote a column in May “Islam is not the Enemy”. The column was critical of a self described patriot’s organization that had protested the Islamic Society of North America meeting in Tampa. He was also critical of efforts to ban certain Muslims from being guest speakers in Hillsborough public schools.

After the column Tom Trento who is a Tea Party activist and founder of the group “United West” challenged Ingram to a debate. Two debates will be held this week. The first- right now on WMNF. Later- on Wednesday of this week our guests will debate at the Tampa Tiger Bay Club this Wednesday at noon.

We’ll have timed six-minute opening statements and two minute closing statements on the topic “The Enemy is Not Islam”.

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