Democratic Party activists ejected from Gov. Rick Scott's budget signing ceremony

05/31/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. Last week more than a dozen placard-carrying Democratic Party activists were forced out of Governor Rick Scott's signing ceremony for the new State of Florida budget. The Democrats were told by sheriff's deputies that the ceremony at The Villages was a "private" event. Tea Party and GOP activists who had their own signs were allowed to stay in the event. We're joined now by Larry Shipley, president of the Democratic Club at The Villages. He was one of those ejected from last week's budget event.

See the video here:

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Is this America or a third world or communist nation? I am so sorry I didn't attend. I would have forced them to arrest me.

Bought and paid for... (LEASED)

Yes Ira... this is America… on its way to being a third world country and it’s a socialist nation... thank you dems!!! You would have been wasting your time if you had gone. The only way to get arrested at the Villages is to screw with someone’s golfcart…

The Real News Radio Players are back...

They were not kicked out… about 2 minutes into the video they were told that they COULD stay… but… without their signs!!! And what was their response??? “I’d rather go over and sit with the other protesters.” So obviously… these people were PROTESTERS and when confronted as such… chose to leave!!! By-the-way… I’m still trying to find out which newspaper this guy was talking about. The Villages Daily Sun doesn’t say anything about a “public” gathering. It simply says a “ceremony” in Market Square… which was LEASED by the Republican Party of Florida!!! And there’s nothing “public” about a rented space…


First of all, they WERE kicked out. One of Gov. Scott's protection detail told Sumter County deputies to remove anyone with "negative" signs. "Negative" was defined as anti-Scott or anti-Scott decisions as governor. Secondly, if you want to take away the signs of protesters, why should there be a different policy for pro-Scott signs? Middle-school children were bused to the signing ceremony and GIVEN pre-made signs lauding the governor. Third, the Villages Daily Sun is not a newspaper in any real sense of the word. It's a propaganda sheet owned and operated by the Morse family (developers of The Villages). And finally, rented spaces are often right in the middle of public spaces (most notably in all Florida state parks). This is also true of The Villages.

I LOVE the sporting news…

Okay Don… so what newspaper was “video guy” talking about??? He said… “It was a public event printed in the newspaper.” I haven’t found any local area newspaper touting this as a “public event”!!! And as you are (apparently) a member of the drive-by-media… do you seriously expect me to believe that you are not aware of the “FREE SPEECH ZONES” (which they CHOSE to go to)??? By-the-way… weren’t FSZs used in Atlanta during the 1988 democratic national convention??? Just asking…


forced them to arrest you? what a spoiled brat you are. what next? throw a tantrum?