Dogs Against Romney protests in Tampa

03/12/12 Samuel Johnson
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Animal rights activists have found a creative way of protesting GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. On Saturday ten people calling themselves, “Dogs against Romney” converged on Al Lopez Park in Tampa.

Mitt is mean! Mitt is mean!

The founder and chief architect of “Dogs Against Romney”, Scott Crider, was shocked in 2007 when he read about the news of how Mitt Romney treated his dog on a family vacation to Canada. He started a blog that year, but when Mitt Romney entered the Presidential Race in 2011, he dusted off the internet commentary with renewed vigor.

After I read the very first story coming out of one of the Boston newspapers about the incident where Mitt Romney admitted…he actually told the story himself that he had transported his pet Irish Setter on the roof of the family car for a 12 hour drive to Canada. And that alone I thought was mean enough

Crider wants to use “Dogs against Romney” as a grassroots movement to help introduce a bill to the U.S. Congress to make the cruel transportation of animals illegal. He wants the bill to be called “B.A.R.C.”: Ban Animals on the Roofs of Cars.

And so we want to get enough signatures on a petition that we can convince a lawmaker in Washington DC to sponsor a bill to specifically ban transporting pets on the roofs of cars in all 50 states and territories. That’s our goal.

Crider’s motto for “Dogs against Romney” is giving a voice to the voiceless.

‘cause the dogs can’t speak for themselves but we sure can

According to Crider the voiceless have found their voice in social media. As of Saturday the FaceBook page he created has amassed more than 36,000 likes.

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