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01/24/11 Jon Butts
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On today’s program we talked with a couple of the best green contractors in our area. The Learning Gate Charter School in Lutz just received its Platinum LEED certification from the US Green Building Council, and last year installed a 5 KW solar electric grid-tie System.

Charles Girard, the teaching contractor on the project, joined the program with the head of the environmental department, Adam, and two really sharp students attending the school, Demonte and Shelby.

Also joining the program was the contractor that’s working on the green renovation of the Roosevelt Hotel in Ybor City, Bryan Roberts, with Eco-tech Construction. Bryan is also the contractor for the Earth Ship project in Sarasota.

To the delight of everyone was the conversation with the two 14-year old students about their ideas on sustainable building practices, and their long-term view of what need s to happen to achieve a sustainable world. Charles talked about the school’s efforts and his recent trip to Nepal to work on clean water projects there. Bryan talked about a new green housing project he’s heading up in Carrollwood, and the ongoing efforts restoring the Roosevelt to a Zero Energy Building.

There’s going to be an event at the Roosevelt this Wednesday, Jan 26, at 7 PM, about the REHAB (Roosevelt, Earthship FL, Haiti demo project, Affordable zero energy, Beginnings of Financial permaculture). It’s located at 1812 North 15th Street in Tampa (33605). They’re on Facebook and their web address is

Learning Gate School

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