Florida Pricing Higher Education Beyond Reach of Floridians? And What's Causing Algae Outbreaks in Florida?

08/22/12 Robert Lorei
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up today well talk about corporations trying to make it easier to pollute Florida’s freshwater rivers, lakes and springs. We’ll also talk about the burden of the high cost of education here in Florida. But first, two listener comments about yesterday’s program. Yesterday we talked about the militarization and heavy surveillance that accompanied the Republican National Convention four years ago in St. Paul Minnesota. Here’s what two listeners had to say:


Some listener comments about yesterday’s program. Our next guest says Florida’s water ways are endangered and Tallahassee and Washington are moving in the wrong direction when it comes to protecting Florida’s amazing freshwaters.The Silver River near Ocala, the Caloosahatchee in Fort Myers, the Indian River on Florida’s east coast and the Santa Fe near Gainesville are the best examples of what Tallahassee and Washington are failing to do. David Guest is the managing attorney for Earthjustice. He joins us now by phone.

FMI Florida Water Coalition


David Guest is managing attorney with Earthjustice…..

During the last three years state funding for higher education funding per student decreased 40 percent, according to a new report by national public policy center Demos and the Florida-based Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP). As a result, Floridian families now spend 25% of median income on the cost of just one year of attendance at a public four-year college.

This new report, is called “Florida’s Great Cost Shift" warns that more cuts to higher education will cripple Florida’s middle class….

We’re joined now by one of the co-author’s of the study- Bruce Nissen.

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