Gaia's Gardener talks about permaculture

10/29/12 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

Our special guest, author of ‘Gaia’s Garden - Guide to Home-scale Permaculture’, Toby Hemenway, joined us for the entire program. He is one the foremost permaculture instructors in the world and he’ll be in our area this week. Toby’s first stop will be in Ybor City, with a talk at the Roosevelt 2.0 on 15th St. Thursday November 1st starting at 7 PM. Then on November 2nd he’ll be in Sarasota at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Fruitville Rd. This talk will start at 6PM for Transitions Sarasota and for more information call Don @941-408-3374. This weekend November 3rd & 4th he’ll be doing a permaculture workshop at the Moccasin Lake Nature Center on Park Lane in Clearwater starting at 9AM. Bob’s the contact person @727-831-5852. On today’s program we talked about the subject of Toby’s lectures, Redesigning Civilization and The Definition and Principles of Permaculture. We had a very interesting call from one of Pinellas County’s Gaia Guardians Permaculture Group that was formed from the study of Toby’s book. They’ll be having a tour of their group members’ homes early in November.

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It truly amaised me how few people show up to Toby's talk in Tampa! We really are not paying attention and do not support someone that has a Sustainable Plan for the future in our area!