Growing food for hungry citizens in Hernando County

07/22/11 Olivia Kabat
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Access to healthy food can be difficult around the world, and here in the Tampa Bay area. A workshop will address the growing hunger problem in Hernando County.

The plan is to create awareness of the unsettling poverty situation in Hernando and other counties in Florida. According to Green World Path Inc., a large number of people in Hernando especially are struggling because they cannot afford to feed themselves and their families. Dori Bon, Outreach Coordinator for Green World Path says helping to grow healthy food will greatly support hurting families in the area.

“Hernando County was the hungriest county, hungrier people, in the whole state and that shook me up. I had worked on a homeless coalition when I was attending college. We did a count and there were literally thousands of people who were homeless at that point and it has progressively gotten worse. We have a community garden here in Hernando County that a lot of people don’t even realize that its here…and our own county is going hungry.”

Bon recognizes this opportunity to make a significant difference in reducing hunger. The class is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to get involved in the movement to grow all natural, healthy foods for hungry citizens.

“We find that there is a huge need for it and that’s why were opening the doors for this. We want to kick it off and invite anybody and everybody that is willing and wanting to learn to come. We’d like to have preachers, church groups, we’d like to have corporations; anybody that’s involved and has an interest in that, homeless coalition groups, colleges, and we need volunteers. We have to start somewhere…why not in the hungriest county in Florida?”

With food prices high, it’s difficult for some people to afford what they need to survive. This is a growing issue, involving not only Florida, but the whole world.

“We’ve got a world shortage of food. This shortage of food is being picked up as business and a lot of businesses are keeping the food high. So it’s very difficult for ends to meet all over.”

Bon says the goal is to get other organizations and churches hooked and then begin the project by growing food for people in need.

“We are going to start educating on building soils to the main mission groups like the churches, community gardens, activist groups, etc. Then from there, they teach. We’ll take it right from the seed to harvesting. You can grow food anywhere, you can grow right in your backyard, grow it through minis able parks, anywhere as long as it’s open to do so. There’s no reason Florida should be hungry at all.”

Growing Food for Hernando County’s Hungry takes place next Monday morning at 9 in Brooksville.

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