Growing vegetables at home

08/20/12 Jon Butts
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Today we spent the hour talking about growing vegetables here in west central Florida with a former Hillsborough County commercial vegetable agent, Karl Butts (my younger brother). Karl presently grows Asian, mainly East Indian vegetables, for an Ashram here in Hillsborough County that sells throughout the USA. We started with the basics of our sandy soils, the disease triangle, growing successful starter plants and a variety of other plant issues. Similar to human life, the first days are the most important in the life of a vegetable that will be transplanted in a sometimes very unfriendly environment. Karl recommended for the home gardener to grow just about everything in seed trays first; a few exceptions are beets, radishes and carrots, which are winter root vegetables. Drainage is very important in the seed trays, as roots need oxygen or will soon die in saturated soil. We did touch on the importance of beneficial insects, and the need to always work with these helpers in the garden. Even some so-called natural organic pesticides need to be avoided to maintain the natural balance of the garden insects. If you’re planning a garden this year and missed this program you should listen to the archives. Karl has always been my go-to person for vegetable questions and he did a great job. Thank you Brother!

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