Gun rights groups plan to converge on Brooksville

01/18/13 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Gun rights activists will be headed out to what they hope will be a massive rally in Brooksville Saturday to protect their guns. In response to national calls for stricter guns rights, these gun owners are reminding Floridians that it is their constitutionally protected right to arm themselves. Damon Locke is an organizer of the Florida Guns Across America rally. Gun owners won’t be allowed to have firearms out in the open due to Florida’s open carry laws, but people with concealed carry permits could have their weapons. Florida now has more than one million people with those permits. The rally will be at the Hernando County Fairgrounds from noon to 3 p.m.

"Individual rights are important. Our founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights for a specific reason and that was for individuals to maintain freedom. The reason that we decided to do it in mid-January was the impending gun legislation that's coming up from the gun control advocates in Congress wanted to have it in place by the end of January so about, I'd say about two weeks ago we...another gentleman by the name of Eric Reedon, it was his idea to a national rally and we got together and came up with a mission statement and a date and here we are. Forty-nine states are taking part in the rally."

Tell us a little bit about what it's going to look like?

"Well, it's a peaceful and motivational rally. We have some speakers from all over the state. Some prominent Florida reps, some prior Congressmen and leaders from the community and organizations throughout Florida. We're just trying to get people motivated. We're going to have factual data. A lot of times when people hear certain things about the Second Amendment and about gun owners. It's painted in a negative perception and we're trying to change that perception to show America and to show the media that we are normal people that you encounter every single day in the professional world and that law abiding citizens should not be criminalized, basically, and paying for a criminals action. Law abiding citizens, that's what we are. Law abiding."

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