Hillsborough County School Board member April Griffin accuses Superintendent Elia of bullying staff

01/31/14 Janelle Irwin
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Hillsborough County School Board member April Griffin only has nine months left in her tenure on the education board and she's not holding any more punches.

The former board chair wants to change the way the district evaluates Superintendent Maryellen Elia. But she's angry the Hillsborough Schools top employee won't agree to it.

The tension boiled over this week when Griffin was quoted telling reporters that Elia was, "full of shit."

Griffin explains and defends her comments.

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Thin Elia dropped a couple F bombs when she heard about this interview?

Elia is toxic to this district. She lies, distorts and omits information. She kept the board in the dark when a child died. She has official board records falsified. Elia needs to go her time has passed.