Hillsborough Legislative Delegation supports a bill to turn taxi permits into private property

09/27/11 Josh Holton
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday | Listen to this entire show:

Tuesday the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation took public comment, and considered five proposed local bills. The meeting is expected to last all day.

About 70 members of the public signed up to let their representatives know their demands. Four of five proposed local bills were also passed, with the exception of one that was withdrawn, related to a $6 million community center in Brandon. One of the local bills that passed the delegation was requested by the Tampa Taxi Coalition. And sponsored by Republican State Senator Jack Latvala. The bill designated some taxi permits as private property. Dena Leavengood was involved last year as Taxi drivers supported a bill from Ronda Storms to do away with the Public Transportation Commission, and said today that not all taxi drivers may benefit from Latvala’s Bill. Latvala said his bill would empower all taxi drivers equally.

Other members of the public continue to speak through the afternoon. Several Awake the State members joined Mickey Castor of the League of Women Voters to call on state representatives and elected officials to protect the new redistricting amendments that passed with 63% voter approval. Public comment should continue until 6:30 Tuesday evening at the Oval Theater in the Marshall Center on the University of South Florida’s Tampa Campus.

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