Home Energy Conservation

12/12/11 Jon Butts
Sustainable Living and Alternative Health | Listen to this entire show:

First up on today’s program Roger Dixon, with Skylands Renewable Energy Corporation located in New Jersey, joined the program to talk about new wind generator designs that may be new, but are an old scam. Roger’s main point is that it is the fuel, or wind, that limits any kind of design and the minimum amount of wind needed to start a turbine.

Next up we had a couple of home energy conservation experts with Residential Energy Service of Tampa Bay, Peter Residorf and Kent Bailey, join the program. We started with heating and cooling concerns in the attic and quickly moved to compact florescent lights and ended up discussing molds. We stayed mainly on older home energy issues, but talked about the newer HERS (Home Efficiency Rating Standard) as well. Apparently Home Depot will dispose of burned out CF (Compact Florescent) light bulbs for citizens in Pinellas, and of course you can take them to your county’s dump on the monthly electronics disposal day.

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