Host committee expects more than 90,000 hotel room nights for Republican convention

08/07/12 Seán Kinane
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In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, Ken Jones, the president of the Tampa Bay Host Committee for the Republican National Convention said the number of hotel rooms booked for the Republican National Convention is even more than they originally predicted.

“We thought we were going to book 75,000 room-nights. As of this morning we were north of 90,000 room-nights and approaching 100,000. Part of it is I think there’s some come early stay late traffic, part of it is we just got a better response than we thought on some of the hotel rooms, so that is very encouraging. Over 90,000 hotel room nights in the two slowest weeks in the entire year in the Tampa Bay area and we’re going to book all these hotels to capacity. ”

Jones also revised upward the number of journalists expected from 15,000 to at least 16,000. He expects the Republican National Convention Host Committee to raise a total of $55-60 million dollars, though he said the committee won’t release complete fundraising data until the FCC filing date of October 15. Jones was asked why the Republican convention seemed to be having an easier time in raising funds for their convention in Tampa than the Democrats are for theirs in Charlotte.

“They limited themselves to a certain number of dollars from lobbyists and corporation and we chose to follow the law as every other host committee does.”

Wednesday the Tampa Bay Host Committee will install what it’s calling its Presence Program of street pole banners in front of the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

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