How to revive American manufacturing

08/03/11 Robert Lorei
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Coming up at 10:30 we’ll talk with the head of a group that’s trying to revive manufacturing in the US.

But on the first part of today’s program let’s open up the phone lines.

For the better par of the past month there’s been a fierce debate in the US about whether to raise the debt ceiling and what government programs to cut.

Lost in all the discussion is the fact that we are in the fourth year of a serious recession. While some maintain that cutting government spending will lead to a blossoming of the economy—many Americans, according to a new poll, are not convinced. They want Congress to focus on job creation rather than reducing the deficit. Our guest is Scott Paul who is executive director of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. It’s a project of some of the countries largest manufacturing companies and the United Steelworkers Union.

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How much to join your cult???

Oh please… how was AAM described when it opened its doors on K Street in Washington DC, 2007??? “A well-funded lobbyist organization…” just what we need... another freakin lobbyist!!! And well-funded by whom??? The United Steelworkers Union and the AFL-CIO!!! Hey… Mr. Paul!!! What kind of help is AAM going to give a “Right to Work” state like Florida… little or none???

AAM Media Director

Actually, the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) is comprised of several key manufacturers, including U.S. Steel and Arcelor Mittal, plus the United Steelworkers. The AFL is NOT one of our stakeholders. Your assessment of AAM is inaccurate. As a management-labor partnership, we're working very hard every day to save manufacturing. I would urge Glenn and everyone else to contact their Senators and Members of Congress to demand action on trade policy that will give Florida's exporters a fair chance in the global market.

Right to Work supporter

Oh… my bad!!! I just figured that when the AAM hired Scott Paul… an AFL-CIO trade lobbyist… to be its executive director… the stakeholding came with HIM. I noticed you said the AFL wasn’t a stakeholder… how about the CIO??? They may not have their name on the account… but I’ll bet they have their hands on the purse strings or in someone’s pocket. And of course you would urge US to demand action on export trade policy… shipping by air and rail is the only “guaranteed in” that the unions have in the 22 “Right to Work” states!!! By-the-way… you didn’t answer my question. Other than collecting union dues from air and rail employees (and some dock workers)... how much help can a “Right to Work” state like Florida… expect from the AAM???