Impact Of Governor Scott's Budget On Low And Middle Income Floridians

02/09/11 Robert Lorei
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Good morning welcome to Radioactivity. I'm Rob Lorei. The St. Petersburg Times reported this morning:

"Gov. Rick Scott’s bold budget plan wasn’t even 24 hours old Tuesday before state legislators started ripping it apart and leveling a familiar charge against the governor: He wasn’t forthcoming with details.

"Whether it was his billions in cuts to Medicaid or to schools, legislators said they weren’t sure what Scott specifically wanted to do in his budget, which would further widen a $3.6 billion shortfall next year due to nearly $2.4 billion in proposed tax cuts."

Here to talk with us about the state budget is Alan Stonecipher communications director of the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a nonprofit focused on budget and tax issues, particularly from the viewpoint of low and moderate income Floridians.

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My name is Gordon From St Petersburg I would only like to say- With the information so far regarding his budget, etc. We should impeach him (or recall, whichever is appropriate. He apparently is out to destroy Florida! How does one go about starting such a movement?

Good Idea

First, you make a good faith donation to WMNF and then WMNF's lawyers will put together a first draft plan of action and expected results. Then you make a second donation and we totally ignore you and do whatever we feel like.

Good Faith

Your suggestion raises a good question Rob(the previous poster, not Lorei). What will be the new fund raising pitch? Randy can't possibly cry for funds as an indication of how much support the program has and how it might impact that show's place in the schedule, can he?


Station management says the current minithon "will go to no later than 8PM on Monday the 14th." What are the odds they'll keep that promise?


Hey Skeptic, Odds are great since nobody's scheduled to take phone pledges after that! Hopefully everyone will call in before then; especially since our new governor is doing his part to ensure that voices like those you hear on WMNF will be silenced by zeroing out the budget line for all public radio & television!

Skeptical too

I hope you're right about the minithon ending when management promises it will. Right now, with them asking our opinion on program changes and then ignoring our responses, they need to show they can be honest about something.